Our Guarantee

At Collared Up we strive to produce solid, long-lasting equipment. However, let's face it, none of the products used to make any dog equipment is indestructible. Yes, just like any product out there, all of our products can also be chewed, scratched, and damaged.

There are steps you can take that will reduce and possibly eliminate damage to the Collared Up equipment you've purchased. Here is what we recommend:

~ Never leave equipment unattended with or on your pets

~ Limited to no playing while wearing fancy equipment

~ Inspect equipment regularly for damaged hardware and unbent prongs

~ Clean & condition leather regularly to help it last longer

When all recommendations are taken into consideration your Collared Up equipment will last for many, many years.

In the event that your equipment has any of the following:

~ Damaged hardware

~ Studs or Rhinestones with unbent prongs

~ Missing studs, rhinestones, or conchos

Please contact us or email us at contactus@collaredup.com to discuss repairing your equipment.

Collared Up will repair/replace any piece of hardware that has failed as long as it isn't due to misuse or overuse. Types of hardware include, but are not limited to Buckles, D rings, strap keepers, studs, and rhinestones.